DaTran Corporation

Fast, high-quality electronic design and manufacturing

DaTran Corporation designs custom electronic circuits to bring your idea to life. We’ve helped customers design everything from a fishing pole sensor (a high-tech bobbin!), to down-hole oilfield electronics, to tanker truck tracking devices, to electronic controls for large-scale agricultural sprayers.

Our own line of products perform data acquisition and processing. We make controllers of all sorts to run displays, drive motors, run pumps or perform any other type of output. We know the in’s and out’s of IO!

Incorporated in 1990, DaTran Corporation provides contract electronic engineering (and manufacturing) services to industrial, commercial, and governmental customers and also to inventors and entrepreneurs. Our small size allows us to move quickly and give our customers close personal attention to engineering and manufacturing projects.



Once your product is ready for prime-time Datran is ready to manufacture, pack and ship to you or directly to your customers.